Occupational Therapy

Through restorative treatment methods and adaptive techniques, the Occupational Therapy department at Altru provides the skills for the job of living to clients of all ages. Those skills, skills to dress, shop, work, drive, play or cope with disability, are all necessary and reflect the variety of our lives. We use restorative treatments, adaptive methods, the environment and assistive technology to reach the patient's goals.


Occupational Therapy practitioners at Altru provide therapy in twelve different service areas on the Altru Campus and nine practitioners serve the Altru region through Outreach Services in 14 neighboring communities.

Altru's Outpatient Occupational Therapy Service areas include:

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Hand Therapy
  • Upper Extremity Rehab
  • Pediatric Therapy Services
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Heart Services
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Driver's Evaluation & Training
  • Skilled Nursing Home Services
  • Regional Outpatient Services
  • Partial Care

Easy Street

Altru's Easy Street brings the real world into focus with true-to-life settings and environments. By creating typical community settings, the Easy Street program helps rehabilitation patients learn to face the physical challenges of everyday life.

Easy Street helps patients relearn skills and regain independence in a controlled setting. Whether they are in wheelchairs, use canes or walkers or have been fitted with a prosthetic device, patients on Easy Street learn once again to maneuver up curbs, down ramps and through turnstiles and motor vehicles.

When rehabilitation patients encounter realistic obstacles and situations, they learn to anticipate what will happen in the real world. Patients on Easy Street leave the hospital more functional and have more self-confidence, helping them lead more productive lives.

Automobile: Patients can practice getting in and out of a car. The vehicle's body and other features are functional to allow for training, driving simulation and other rehabilitation.

Grocery Store: A fully equipped produce area stocked with realistic looking vegetables awaits patients. The checkout counter features a cash register, bagging counter and check-writing platform.

ATM: A variety of opportunities for interactive role playing between patient and therapist are available at the cash machine area of Easy Street.

Bedroom: This module has two settings--one with a single bed and sow carpet padding and one with a double bed, thick carpet padding, recliner and alternate light sources. Activities practiced are opening draperies, hanging clothes in the closet and using light switches.

Factory: The factory module incorporates a variety of flexible workstations. A series of workstations allow for the systematic evaluation of a patient's functional capacity and endurance.

Kitchen: Patients can practice using the stove, refrigerator and other application of the kitchen environment. The kitchen allows for chair seating for an informal meal. Dinnerware, flatware, and other items are available for the patient to utilize.

Locations and Appointments

Grand Forks & East Grand Forks

Regional Locations

North Dakota

  • Aneta Parkview Health Center | Aneta 701.780.2400
  • Cooperstown Medical Center | Cooperstown 701.780.2400
  • Heartland Care Center | Devils Lake 701.665.5247
  • Altru Clinic | Devils Lake 701.665.5247
  • Altru Clinic | Drayton 701.454.3311
  • Hatton Prairie Village | Hatton 701.780.2400
  • Cavalier County Memorial | Langdon 701.780.2400
  • Larimore Masonic Temple | Larimore 701.780.2400
  • Nelson County Health System | McVille 701.780.2400
  • Northwood Deaconess | Northwood 701.780.2400
  • First Care Health Center | Park River 701.780.2400
  • Pembilier Nursing Center | Walhalla 701.780.2400


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