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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our team of physical therapists provide fun and engaging ways to improve overall strength, coordination, balance, and mobility to navigate the world around them. Our physical therapy team help children improve gross motor skills, coordination, muscle strength and orthopedic conditions.

Altru’s physical therapy team of experts offer help for the following:

  • Balance & coordination
  • Bowel and bladder dysfunction
  • Head shape & control
  • Sports injuries & orthopedic disorders
  • Toe walking
  • Gravitational insecurity
  • Wheelchair & seating devices
  • Low muscle tone


"Before our little girl first started the pelvic floor program at Altru, we felt alone in advocating for her with her bathroom challenges. She had joined our family less than two years ago and came to us with a traumatic history. We were grateful that her pediatrician agreed that her needs required professional interventions and suggested this program. Because of her past, which includes extensive medical care, she gets very anxious in clinical settings. However, her therapists do such an amazing job making her feel at ease and having a great time. She now looks forward to her therapy sessions! It’s taken time, hard work on the part of our little girl, and the dedication and dynamic talents of the Altru team, but our girl is making great strides. Having her physical therapist and occupational therapists as part of this healing journey has helped to make us feel supported in advocating for our child and I know this teamwork will be a big part of the key to her overcoming some of the challenges she’s working so hard to overcome."

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