Telemedicine uses technology to present live, interactive video and audio between patient and specialist separated by distance. The medical consult is conducted from the patient’s hometown health facility, providing local access to specialty care from many miles away.

Benefits of telemedicine consults include:

  • improved patient outcome and satisfaction,
  • reduced costs and time away from work or home for patients,
  • expanding services throughout our region and
  • greater access to specialized care.

How It Works

A typical telemedicine visit occurs with the patient, the telemed nurse at the local health facility and a specialist in Grand Forks. Family members or caregivers can also be present if the patient desires. The telemed nurse operates the cameras and helps gather any information the specialist needs. During the visit, the patient sees and hears the provider as if he or she was in the same room. All telemedicine visits are transferred over private, secure connections.

“The ability to connect and participate in my dad’s appointment by telemedicine saved me 11 hours on the road and two days of missed work."

-Lisa, Family Member

Telepharmacy and Teleradiology

  • Telepharmacy provides hospital pharmacy resources and professional support to networking Critical Access Hospitals within our region. Assuring 24/7 pharmacist coverage, Altru Hospital Pharmacy will offer pharmacist oversight of medication orders via use of video-conferencing systems between Altru and rural hospitals.
  • Teleradiology is a means of electronically transmitting radiographic patient images and consultative text from one location to another. With electronic transfer data, patient care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sharing information efficiently between care providers enhances patient experience and continuity of care.

Telemedicine Locations

Telemedicine Specialties

For more information on telemedicine, call 701.780.2348 or message your provider's office through MyChart.

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