Spin for Kids

In adhering to CDC recommendations that gatherings of 50 people or more be postponed for two months to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we are cancelling the 11th Annual Spin for Kids Indoor Bike Race that was scheduled to be held on April 18th, 2020. We want to recognize and thank all our Spin for Kids teams and riders for their hard work and dedication throughout this past year in fundraising and preparing for this year’s race. We also want to thank all our generous Spin for Kids Sponsors and In-Kind Sponsors.

If any of the teams or riders would like to donate their dollars raised for the 2020 Spin for Kids Race, please contact Diane Gunderson at 218-779-6400 to make arrangements for this. 100% of the donations received will go directly to children who qualify for Spin for Kids funds. Teams and riders may also decide to give back the money that they raised to those who donated to them. 

The Spin for Kids Allocation Committee wants to assure everyone that there are Spin for Kids dollars available throughout the coming year for those families requesting Spin for Kids dollars. Spin for Kids provides funding for therapy, services and equipment to children from birth through 19 years of age with special needs within the Spin for Kids Altru Health System service area.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact Diane Gunderson at 218-779-6400 or through spinforkids@altru.org.

- The 2020 Spin for Kids Planning Committee

The Spin for Kids mission is to provide supportive programs, services and equipment to children with special needs within our community and region. 

We are grateful for the 416 riders of 52 teams and over 150 volunteers throughout the community and region that made the 10th Annual Spin for Kids event a success, raising over $201,315 for children with special needs. We sincerely thank you for the your time, efforts, creativity and enthusiasm, all of which have allowed our event to become what it is today. Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Spin for Kids event.

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Who Benefits?

Families with children who have special needs often face lifelong medical bills and expenses. Children grow and change very quickly, and the equipment they need must change with them. Insurance does not always cover these costs; this is where Spin for Kids comes in. All money raised by Spin for Kids will be dispersed to qualifying families to help them get the equipment and services they need.

If you are interested in applying for funds, please review the Spin For Kids Fund Application

For questions about allocation, please call 701.780.1540.

2020 Honorary Captains

Stetson Gowan

Stetson is a tough little cowboy that was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He has undergone multiple surgical procedures in the first year of his life. Stetson participates in multiple types of therapy to help him along on his journey. This little guy is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and sweets. He enjoys spending time with his Dad, siblings, and Stetson’s Rodeo Crew members. He is the happiest boy and brings a smile to everyone’s face. His parents are Chad and Kayla Gowan with siblings Levi and Dixie.

Clara Beaton

Clara is a 4-year-old girl that lives in Grand Forks. She is the definition of resilient and strong! She works so hard and continues to crush her goals and defy the odds. She enjoys music, dance and any opportunity to be in the spotlight. We love our Altru team and are so thankful for all the support our family receives from the community. Clara’s parents are Lana and Scott Beaton with siblings Alex, James and Stella.

Ryker Oppegaard

Ryker is a very caring and passionate six-year-old boy. He likes to have books read to him and to read the words back to you. He likes to make new friends and will play with anyone. He likes to share, he is appreciative and has good manners. He likes to give hugs. He knows how to tell you what he wants even though he can’t say much. Ryker’s mom is Elizabeth Oppegaard.

Race Information

How the Race Works

Spin for Kids is an indoor race on stationary spin bikes. Each team consists of eight cyclists that ride for 20 minutes each. There is a five-minute break between each rider to record mileage and change cyclists.

Teams will compete only with other teams within their division. This year Spin for Kids will have three divisions: Elite, Amateur, and Kids. To qualify for the Kids Division you must be able to reach the pedals and get the OK from your parent/guardian. Six out of eight riders on the team must be 14 years of age or younger.


Team Registration begins at 8:00a.m. on February 18, 2020. To register your team, the Team Captain or designated team member must pick up a race packet in the entrance of the Altru 1300 Building on South Columbia Road. Packet pick up will be available Tuesday, February 18 through Friday, February 21 8:00a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Register Early! Bike numbers are limited. If you are registering after February 21, please call 701.780.1540 for instructions on packet pick up or with any registration questions.

Team Requirements

  • Each team consists of eight riders
  • Each team MUST appoint a Team Captain
  • Each team member is required to raise a minimum of $75 in pledges to support the race mission


  • Each rider receives a Spin for Kids t-shirt
  • Individual and team awards for the most pledges and highest miles in each division
  • Team Spirit Award goes to the team who exudes the most excitement and energy


We want as many people to be able to ride as possible. Please contact us if you need the use of a recumbent or arm bike. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs!


If you are interested in participating in the event but do not want to ride, plenty of volunteer opportunities are available. We appreciate any help that you are able to provide. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Liz Olson at 701.780.2568 or spinforkids@altru.org.

Contact Us

  • Team Registration: 701.780.1540
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: 701.780.1540
  • Volunteer Opportunities: 701.780.2568
  • Altru's Pediatric Therapy Services: 701.780.2477

How to Donate

You can donate to a rider directly through their FirstGiving page

2019 Race Results

Total Dollars Raised | 200,675.34

Top Kids Individual Miles

  1. Ellen Bery | 14.3
  2. Alex Dorton | 14
  3. August Preuss | 13.7

Top Kids Team Miles

  1. Udder Chaos | 107.25
  2. Hope on the Move | 99.9
  3. Ballerz | 97.9

Top Amateur Individual Miles

  1. Nathan Mertens | 16
  2. Stephen Erlandson | 15.6
  3. Bennett Leitch | 15.4

Total Amateur Team Miles

  1. Big Biker Brand | 115.5
  2. Inpatient All-Stars | 110.4
  3. BioCycle Social | 108.2

Top Elite Individual Miles

  1. Chaise Fontaine | 16.7
  2. Stacy Schumacher | 16.5
  3. Chip Shea | 16.4

Top Elite Team Miles

  1. The Pedal Team #1 | 125
  2. Sacks in the City | 122.8
  3. The Pedal Team #2 | 117.6

Top Individual Pledge

  1. Rosie Beires | $5,328.47
  2. Jill Beires | $4,319.02
  3. Luke Riley | $3,034.15

Top Team Pledges

  1. Spinning it Out of the Park | $13,603.65
  2. Royal Racers | $6,772.02
  3. Udder Chaos | $5,006.40