Altru's urologists specialize in the disease of the urinary tract in both males and females and the genital tract in males.

Prior to seeing a urologist, patients should see their primary doctor for lab work and rule out cases of infection or mass development. Your primary care physician and urologist work together to help choose the best treatment for your needs and lifestyle.

Urology is located in Altru Professional Center (main entrance door #13). To make an appointment, call 701.780.6427, or toll-free at 800.437.5373.

Agatha Ottem-Lill, PA-C is now seeing urology patients during evening hours, until 7 p.m., on Thursdays. Patients will be seen in Family Medicine at Altru Professional Center. 


Incontinence can be an embarrassing and inconvenient problem, however, it is treatable. There is medication or minimally invasive surgical options, or the combination of each to correct the condition.

The cause of urinary incontinence can range from loss of support of the pelvic floor structure (usually caused by childbirth) to an overall poorly functioning bladder.


For many children, things like chicken pox, skinned knees and bed-wetting are all a part of growing up. However, bedwetting can be more serious than a sleep disorder. Bed-wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a problem that affects around ten percent of children.

Nocturnal enuresis is defined as an involuntary wetting of the bed more than twice per month after the age of five. Nighttime bed-wetting is more common in boys than in girls. The reality is, bed-wetting is a medical condition and is never the child's fault. Treatments for bed-wetting may include medication, fluid restriction and/or enuretic alarms.

To help kids and educate parents about bed-wetting, Altru's Urology Department holds a bed-wetting clinic for ages six and up. At these clinics, patients are seen on an individual basis and both children and their parents work together to create a personalized treatment plan.

For more information on the bed-wetting clinics in Altru's Urology Department, call 701.780.6189.

To make an appointment, call 701.780.6427, or toll-free at 800.437.5373.