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In addition to video visits from home, we offer telemedicine specialty consults for rural hospitals in our region. Patients who need a specialty consult can schedule a telemedicine visit with one of our providers in Grand Forks without leaving their town. During this visit, the patient will visit their local health facility, where a telemed nurse will meet with them, operate the cameras and gather any information the specialist needs. The provider on the camera will be able to see and hear the patient and provide care.


Telepharmacy provides hospital pharmacy resources and professional support to networking Critical Access Hospitals within our region. Assuring 24/7 pharmacist coverage, Altru Hospital Pharmacy will offer pharmacist oversight of medication orders via use of video-conferencing systems between Altru and rural hospitals.


Teleradiology is a means of electronically transmitting radiographic patient images and consultative text from one location to another. With electronic transfer data, patient care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sharing information efficiently between care providers enhances patient experience and continuity of care.

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