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Weight Management Support and Education Offerings

Along with solutions for weight loss, weight management and lifestyle change, Altru's Weight Management Program offers support and education to help you live a more healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and Nutrition Packages

The key to a healthy lifestyle is understanding both your exercise and nutrition needs. Altru's dietitians and exercise specialists offer comprehensive packages tailored to fit your needs.

Nutrition Assessments

  • Nutrition education and expert coaching from Altru’s dietitians
  • 30 or 60 minute visits
  • Variety of individual and group sessions

Health & Wellness Coaching

Be empowered to meet your goals. Altru’s health and wellness coaches will help you focus on action to move toward your ideal wellness wither it’s a weight-loss goal, reduced risk for disease or living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Areas of focus include comprehensive intervention and guidance in physical activity, nutrition, stress management and sleep, and overall lifestyle factors. 

Medically Supervised Exercise

Altru's health & wellness specialist, trained in exercise prescription, will monitor each client to ensure a safe and controlled exercise setting.

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Altru's Weight Management Program 

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