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Ear Piercing

Whether you have a little one ready for some diamonds, or you've always dreamed of adding a little sparkle to your ears,

Truyu offers professional ear piercing services. At Truyu, you can enjoy:

  • A private ear-piercing room
  • Top-notch cleanliness you would expect at a medical spa
  • Kind and considerate staff guiding you or your little one through the process

At Truyu, our ear piercing service is complimentary. The only charge will be the earrings that you pick out.

Requirements: Minimum age of 1 year old. We do require two providers for patients between the ages of 1 and 8 years old. Please call 701.732.7570 to schedule.

Add a little bling to your life with help from Truyu's ear piercing specialists. Learn more.

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