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Healing Massage Options

Feeling tight? Overcoming an injury? Suffering from knee or back pain?

Give your muscles the attention they need and deserve. Learn about the many healing massage treatments available from Truyu's experts.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue sessions use some of the same techniques as Swedish massage. The use of sustained, deep pressure focuses on easing chronic tension, pain and restricted range of motion. This type of massage is not recommended for everyone. Please consult your therapist to find out if it is best for you. Sessions are available up to 60 minutes. Includes a 15-minute steam shower to loosen up muscles prior to the session.

Therapeutic Massage

This is a collection of massage techniques that are used to relax muscles, increase circulation and remove metabolic waste products. This shortens recovery time from muscular strain, stretches ligaments and tendons and promotes flexibility. Therapeutic massage is often used to treat postural issues, sports injuries or biomechanical problems that are caused by repetitive movements. Sessions available up to 90 minutes.

Therapeutic Hand and Foot Massage

A traditional Swedish massage is enhanced with basic hand/foot reflexology. Reflexology is a gentle technique stimulating organ systems and body structures by strategically applying pressure to corresponding reflex points and zones. This is a great alternative approach for headaches, sinus pressure, knee or back pain and allergy sufferers.

Integrated Cupping Therapy

This therapeutic massage session includes the use of a number of partial vacuum cups strategically utilized on pressure points on the body. Cupping helps to allow the body to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system and improve circulation to restore muscular health, relieve tension and alleviate pain. 60 and 90-minute sessions are available.

Prenatal Massage

Relieve pain and tension common to a healthy pregnancy in a relaxing and nurturing environment. Sessions are available up to 60 minutes. Appropriate for second and third-trimester pregnancies.

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