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Respiratory Care

The respiratory therapists of Yorhom Medical Essentials provide quality service and the very latest medical technology for use in the comfort of home. Our staff work closely with Altru's Sleep Center to provide products to help you achieve the sleep you need.  As a part of Altru Health System, Yorhom Medical Essentials is accredited by The Joint Commission.

For more information, call 701.780.1544.


  • CPAP, APAP, Bilevel, ASV, & AVAPS
  • Home Oxygen Therapy
  • Nebulizers (nebulizer medication available at Altru Family Medicine Residency Pharmacy)
  • Infant Apnea Monitors
  • Home Phototherapy
  • Aspirators
  • Air Compressors for Humidity
  • Flutter Devices
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Inexsufflators
  • Home Ventilators

Do you have difficulty sleeping?

According to the National Sleep Foundation these are some warning signs of inadequate sleep:

  • Dozing off while engaged in an activity such as reading, watching TV, sitting in meetings or sitting in traffic
  • Slowed thinking and reacting
  • Difficulty listening to what is said or understanding directions
  • Difficulty remembering or retaining information
  • Frequent errors or mistakes
  • Poor judgment in complex situations
  • Depression or negative mood
  • Impatience, being quick to anger
  • Frequent blinking, difficulty focusing eyes or heavy eyelids
  • Hypertension 

Online Assessments

Sleep History Questionnaire

The Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

Sleep disorders can seriously interfere with one's overall emotional or physical health, often leading to depression, reduced concentration and impaired memory and judgment. The extreme fatigue caused by sleep disorders can inhibit an individual's job performance and social skills, as well as increase the risk of car and work-related accidents. Lack of quality sleep also lowers the body's ability to resist and fight illnesses. As a result, the sleep-deprived person is often sick. If you feel that you may have a sleep disorder, talk with your primary provider or contact Altru's Sleep Center.

Team Members

  • Registered and Certified Respiratory Therapist
  • Respiratory Assistant
  • Billing Specialist
  • Trained Equipment Technicians