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Success Stories

Foot & Ankle Care

“My provider did an excellent job of explaining things to me. He explained the injury and the treatment plan, and how my pain would diminish with wearing a boot and resting up. He was always kind and patient, and took an interest in helping me get back to dance.”

-Alyssa Amundson of Grand Forks, ND

Knee Care

"The people were so helpful. If someone didn’t know the answer to my questions, they would find someone who did. Everyone was so attentive. They definitely have the right people working there!”

-Shirley Schill of Minto, North Dakota

"Staff seemed to thoroughly enjoy their job. They genuinely cared about us and took time to listen to our needs. They did everything to make sure we were comfortable. I don't remember their names, but I do remember that I felt like I was the only person there."

-Mike Siekas of Crookston, Minnesota

"The recovery was especially great, as it was quiet, and I felt like I got a lot of attention from the nurses and therapists. My advice: Do it. It is painful, and the exercises hurt a lot at first. However, it is well worth it in the long run! The reward of being able to walk without pain makes it all worth it.”

-Sandy Espe of Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Everyone was fantastic. I have absolutely no complaints about my experience. They did exactly what they had to do. A+ for all.”

-Dan Samson of Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Walking was hard before. I love to stay active and hunt, but it was difficult to step over logs in the woods. After five knee injections and a brace, I can now walk my dog four miles per day and ride bike about 10 miles per day, pain-free.”

-Tim Carriere of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota

“From surgery to recovery and rehab, I was given tons of information and a time table of the process. I was provided exercises and resources to help me recover my way. I don’t take medication, so my caregivers recommended alternative ways to manage my pain. To my surprise, the pain was minimal. Now, five months later, I am essentially back to full activity.”

-La Royce Bathelor of Grand Forks, ND

Hip Care

“I’m 59, so I did the surgery while I was younger to enjoy life. I’m looking forward to being active outside later this summer. Walking, biking and swimming are all activities I enjoy.”

-Gay Carlson of Devils Lake, North Dakota | Anterior approach with Dr. Gardner

“I love walking and aim for two to three miles per day. Getting outside in the fresh air and nature just makes me feel good. After hip replacement surgery, I’ll be able to continue my daily habit of walking.”

-Patricia Mattson of Hallock, Minnesota | Anterior approach with Dr. Gardner

“After hip replacement surgery, I have no movement restrictions. I can do anything I want to do. Life is much more enjoyable.”

-Daniel B., Crookston, Minnesota

Shoulder Care

“All the nurses were wonderful. They controlled my pain so well. What stood out the most was there was absolutely no pain in the procedure. It’s amazing to be able to move again.”

-Ralph Osterhout of Winnipeg, Canada

“I was told my recovery time would be about 12 weeks, and that the outcome would be better than with a nonsurgical route. I chose to go through with the surgery to enable me to continue working and doing other activities I enjoy for many, many years to come.”

-Andrew Grotte of Thompson, ND

Sports Medicine

“They were laid-back and professional, and it made the medical experience a positive one. They helped return me to a pain-free, active life.”

-Joe Vacek of Grand Forks, ND

“He wanted to do what was in my best interest, what I wanted to do, not just what would keep me alive.”

-Jim Faircloth of Grand Forks, ND

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