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Always Innovating: New Radiation Technology Debuts at Altru

November 05, 2020

Radixact System

The way Altru Cancer Center treats cancer is evolving. We’re always searching for innovative ways to deliver world-class care to our patients. Our latest technology is only available in less than a dozen places around the world.

“I want to give you all a sneak peek into our brand-new radiation machine,” said Dr. Grant Seeger of Altru’s Radiation Oncology team.

The Radixact System is capable of treating virtually any radiation therapy indication, including breast, lung, prostate, and head and neck cancers, in addition to complex cases such as total marrow irradiation, providing more patients with the opportunity to benefit from the fast, highly precise radiation treatments it delivers.

“All of us at Altru are excited to introduce this technology to the area,” said Dr. Seeger. “We’re focused on giving our patients the latest radiation treatments in order to keep them close to home.”

Tracking the Tumor

Patients will lay down on the table, and slide through the hoop as radiation is directed at the tumor.

This new technology can track tumors and adjust for tumor motion, a capability many treatment facilities don’t have.

“Our aim is to effectively control cancer while minimizing the impact of the treatment on patients’ quality of life,” said Dr. Seeger.

This treatment delivery system is also designed to maximize patient comfort while they receive radiation.

“It’s a very unique technology that doesn’t cause any pain,” said Dr. Seeger. “They don’t even feel the treatment.”

Designed For Everyone

Another benefit of this new system is that it is designed with patients of different weights in mind.

As patients slide through the hoop, the table they are laying on can sometimes bend. That change in motion can negatively impact the treatment.

But with the Radixact System, the table will stay straight.

“Patients that are heavier can be treated on it and it will not deform,” said Dr. Seeger. “The treatment couch will not bend as much when the patient slides through for even better accuracy.”

Exclusive Technology

Radixact System

Altru is the ninth health system in the world to have this new technology.

“Altru Cancer Center is trying to take it to the next level of innovation,” said Dr. Seeger.

Coming Soon

This new treatment will only be available in our region at Altru in November 2020.

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