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Family Medicine & Primary Care

Why Primary Care is Important

Primary care provides comprehensive care for those of all ages, and the first place where people go when they need health advice or treatment. Our family medicine physicians provide comprehensive and continuing care for children, adults and seniors, focusing on preventive medicine for a wide range of conditions and diseases. Should you need specialized care, your primary care provider can refer you to a trusted specialist and help coordinate any additional care that you may need.

Your relationship with your primary care provider is an important one that can span decades – from pediatrics and well-child visits to geriatric care in your golden years. Your primary care provider, or PCP, is the doctor you will visit for most medical needs, including routine screenings and annual check-ups, non-emergent illnesses, such as ear infections and viruses, management of chronic illness and mental health needs. Many family medicine providers can also provide prenatal care for growing families, helping expectant moms through delivery and beyond.

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Treatment for Acute and Chronic Illness, Injuries and Behavioral Health

Altru’s family medicine services include a variety of treatment avenues for many health concerns. Common conditions, such as flu and injuries, as well as chronic diseases, like diabetes, behavioral health issues, including anxiety, can all be treated through these services. Altru's providers can connect you with services for any care you may need, from treating sleep disorders to recommending a tobacco cessation program and more. Schedule an appointment to discuss your healthcare needs.

Altru Express Care

Through Altru Express Clinics, you or a loved one can get the care you need at our walk-in clinic locations without the stress of having to schedule an appointment.

With Altru’s Express eVisits, you do not have to leave your current location to receive medical advice when you need it most.

Need care now? Find an Express Clinic near you.


Immunizations are an important part of both your family’s and your community’s health. Altru’s family medicine providers can administer vaccinations and help you keep track of which ones you or your loved one need, as well as when and why the vaccinations are necessary.


Screenings are your best bet for early detection of certain conditions. Altru offers screenings for heart and vascular, as well as several cancers, including breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer.

Sports Physicals

When you need to schedule your child’s physical for the upcoming school year, Altru has you covered.

A sports physical is intended to ensure your child is in optimal shape to participate in physical activity. A provider will ask about your child’s personal and family medical history, check things such as height, weight, blood pressure and lung function, and determine range of motion and strength.

Annual Physicals

An annual exam allows your family medicine provider to see the bigger picture of your overall health and well-being. During an annual physical, a primary care provider may check your vitals, listen to your heart and lungs, and discuss any concerns you may have about your health.

Log in to MyChart or call 701.780.2587 to schedule an appointment with a family medicine provider.

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