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Obstetrics (Pregnancy & Birth)

Obstetric care during your pregnancy, delivery and afterward is of the utmost importance to ensure a healthy baby. At Altru Health System, our obstetrics experts offer compassionate care for over 1,800 mothers and families each year.

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Your Birthing Journey

Whether you are preparing for your first child or your fourth, Altru providers are here to provide care for you every step of the way.

  • Prenatal Care. Our care for you begins at the very start of your pregnancy. We offer prenatal appointments starting as early as eight weeks gestation. As your pregnancy progresses, we will provide nutrition information, answer your questions, offer parenting classes and give you the opportunity to connect with your healthcare team, so you have peace of mind as you prepare to become a mother.
  • Labor and Delivery. When it’s time for your baby to make his or her entrance, our Family Birthing Center offers entirely private birthing suites, comforting amenities and room service meals. The center has secure, restricted access, meaning only visitors you approve will be allowed to come in to see you and your baby. Our specially trained nursing staff takes your birthing preferences and delivery plan into account with every step of labor. We offer medical pain management and noninterventionist pain management, depending on your own wishes. Our family-centered care allows your partner to stay with you during a cesarean section, too, if needed or scheduled.
  • Postpartum Care. After your baby is born, we provide lactation consulting services to help with nursing. We recognize motherhood is hard work, so our team will also continue to support you after you leave the hospital. Our follow-up medical care in the weeks after delivery will ensure you are properly healing from childbirth both mentally and physically, and that your baby is thriving.

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Why Choose Altru for High-Risk Pregnancies

Some pregnancies are easier than others, and if you have a high-risk pregnancy, it’s important to get specialized medical care all the way through it.

Altru’s Family Birthing Center has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, meeting the highest level of certification standards for perinatal care. The center has a Cesarean Birth Operating Suite with leading-edge technology for both planned and emergency cesarean operations.

Altru also has a fully staffed Level III, 16-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with neonatologists and expert nurses to provide care for premature and critically ill infants.

As soon as you think you might be pregnant, we encourage you to call your provider's office to discuss your first appointment.

For appointments with obstetrics and gynecology, call 701.780.6900. For appointments with family medicine who provide obstetric care, 701.780.6800. Or, schedule through MyChart.


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