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Postdelivery is a time for celebration. It’s also a time to recover physically and emotionally from delivery and care for your new baby. Here is what you can expect postdelivery at Altru Health System’s Family Birthing Center.

Cheers to Mommyhood

Labor is hard work. At Altru, we like to help new parents celebrate this achievement. After labor, we will help you get comfortable and settled in your post-delivery room. This will be a place just for you, your support partner and baby until you have the green light to return home­­­—usually within 1–3 days. It’s the perfect setting for you and your loved ones to sit back, relax and enjoy your new bundle of joy. A celebratory treat will be waiting for you—a cupcake and sparkling cider for two.

Your support person can stay the night with you and your newborn if you wish. We provide specially designed convertible sleep benches or couches for your overnight guests, who are able to order meals and dine with you for a small fee.

Mother–Baby Nursing Care

Consistent with our family-centered approach, we provide a type of nursing care called “Mother-Baby” care. This special approach means that your perinatal nurse cares for you and your newborn(s) in your room.

We encourage you to “room-in” with your newborn, which means keeping your baby in your room with you. This will allow you to:

  • Breastfeed as often as your baby needs.
  • Continue skin-to-skin contact to get to know your newborn’s needs.
  • Observe care of your baby and ask questions of nurses during medical exams.
  • Practice infant care before you go home.
  • Receive education and support as you need it.

Mother-baby care is a time to rest and relax. We will coordinate your postpartum care with your needs for medication, food and sleep to allow you time to bond with your new family. Our perinatal nurses will check on you and your infant often during the day to see if you have any needs or questions.

During the night, we will continue to check on you and your newborn, but it will be coordinated with care and medication to avoid disturbing your precious sleep time. One of our perinatal nurses is always available to help whenever you need assistance or have questions.

Postdelivery Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I have my first post-pregnancy visit and information? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests women have contact with their OB-GYN within three weeks after delivery, and the first visit should be around that same time. Your provider will follow up on your mental health, assess infant care and feeding, check your weight and blood pressure, and ensure you are properly recovering after giving birth.
  2. When will my period come back after I give birth? Some women will have their first period 6–8 weeks after giving birth, while others may not have a period until after their baby has finished breastfeeding. This is normal.
  3. Do I just have the blues or am I experiencing postpartum depression? You may feel overwhelmed during the first few weeks adjusting to your new baby. This is often called “baby blues” and is completely normal. However, if mood swings last more than a few weeks and start to severely affect your mental health, you may have postpartum depression. Call your healthcare provider if you think you may have postpartum depression.

For more information about Altru’s Family Birthing Center, call 701.780.5480 or 800.732.4277.


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