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Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN)

Altru Health System’s obstetrics and gynecology clinics care for women throughout their life journey. Our advanced obstetrics and gynecology doctors offer comprehensive care for all aspects of women’s health, from puberty to childbearing age to menopause and everything in between.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Near Me

Altru’s OB-GYNs offer care throughout the region through telemedicine. Specialists also offer outreach to regional Altru clinics, including in Cavalier, Crookston, Devils Lake, Grafton, Roseau and Thief River Falls. That means you never have to travel far for the quality women’s healthcare you need.

To schedule an appointment with Obstetrics and Gynecology, call 701.780.6900 or use MyChart.

Obstetrics Services

Altru’s OB/GYNs focus on helping each woman achieve her best health and facilitate her pregnancy, birth and family planning experience. We offer:

Call 701.780.6900 to learn more about Altru’s pregnancy and childbirth services.

Gynecology Services

The care women need changes throughout life. Altru’s experienced gynecology providers tailor care to meet your needs every step of the way. Our skilled team offers a spectrum of care. Specifically, our wealth of women’s health services addresses a variety of women’s health issues, including endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles, sexual health challenges, infertility and urinary incontinence, among others. Other services include:

  • Preventive care and screenings to help you identify and address issues early - These screenings include your annual well-woman exams and physicals, breast cancer screening, bone density testing, Pap tests and testing for human papillomavirus (HPV). We also offer birth control counseling.
  • Surgery options to address a range of gynecologic conditions - Our experienced surgeons are trained in a spectrum of effective and sophisticated procedures, including endometrial ablation, minimally invasive hysterectomy and pelvic prolapse surgery.

Additional Resources

To schedule an appointment with one of our OB-GYN providers, please call 701.780.6900 or use MyChart.


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