Michelle Staggs MD

Michelle Staggs, MD

  • Anesthesiology

About Me

Michelle Staggs, MD specializes in Anesthesiology. Michelle is passionate about quality care because she understands that having a surgery, even if elective, can be a stressful event and she wants to help in alleviating some of the stress and pain. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys traveling, watching movies and spending time with her dogs.

Philosophy of Medicine

"I approach patients as though they are members of my family. Having surgery, even if elective, can be an incredibly stressful event. I try to alleviate some of their stress by explaining what we will be doing to keep them safe during surgery and providing our best care every day throughout their surgical experience. I very much want you to have a safe anesthetic. I will do my best for you and your family every day."

  • AOA Honor Society
Professional Memberships
  • American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA)
  • ¬†¬†Association of Surgical Assistants (ASA)


Medical Interests
Special Clinical Interests:
  • Regional Blocks
  • Arterial Lines
  • Central Lines