Noe Dela Fuente, MD

  • Family Medicine Resident


Altru Family Medicine Residency

725 Hamline St.
Grand Forks, ND, 58203

About Me

Noe Dela Fuente, MD, is a resident who specializes in Family Medicine and Primary Care. He finds fulfillment in providing medical care, alleviating suffering and improving the overall well-being of my patients. Outside of work, Noe enjoys shooting hoops at Choice Health and Fitness, strolling the greenway and spending quality time with his wife and doodle.

Philosophy of Medicine

"I believe there are five states of health - diseased, imbalanced, balanced, optimized, and enhanced. As a physician, I strive to move my patients from a diseased or imbalanced state to a balanced or optimized state so they’ll be able to do their work best and improve the quality of their lives. My goal is to prolong not just my patient’s lifespan but more importantly their health span through practicing evidence-based medical management and prevention of diseases."

Tagalog, English, Capampangan


Medical School

Doctor of Medicine 
University of the City of Manila