Swelling and soreness of the head of the penis.


Balanitis causes include a yeast infection called thrush and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Balanitis also can happen due to irritation from soap, shower gels or condoms. Not washing the penis properly can cause balanitis too.


Balanitis symptoms include swelling, itching and soreness in the head of the penis. Urination may be painful. If the foreskin is present, thick fluid may leak from under it. Bleeding also may happen around the foreskin.


Balanitis treatment may include medicine or surgery. If a fungal infection is the cause, antifungal cream or ointment is used. If an STI is the cause, antibiotics may be prescribed. If foreskin symptoms don't go away, surgery to remove the foreskin can be done.