Often, cervicitis is caused by infections that can spread through sex. Having sex without condoms or with more than one partner raises this risk. Other cervicitis causes include allergies to latex in condoms, spermicide or hygiene products used in the vagina. Too much growth of bacteria that live in the vagina also can lead to cervicitis.


Most often, cervicitis doesn't bring on any symptoms. But it can cause large amounts of unusual fluid to come out of the vagina. It also can cause frequent, painful peeing. Other symptoms can include pain during sex, bleeding between menstrual periods and vaginal bleeding after sex that is not due to a period.


Treatment depends on the cause of swelling in the cervix. If the cause is a disease passed through sex, both partners often need antibiotic medicine. If too much bacteria grow in the vagina, antibiotics also are prescribed. No treatment is needed for cervicitis caused by an allergic reaction to things such as spermicide or hygiene products.