Painful sex is a common problem, and many things can cause it. Pain during sexual entry into the vagina can be caused by too little lubrication, an injury, an infection or other problems. Pain from deep thrusting could be due to certain illnesses or past surgeries. Mental health problems, stress and past sexual abuse also can play roles.


Dyspareunia brings on genital pain that lasts for a while or keeps coming back. The exact symptoms can vary. The pain may happen when the vagina is entered or during deep thrusting. Or it might happen each time something goes into the vagina, such as while putting in a tampon. The pain may feel burning, aching or throbbing.


Treatment for dyspareunia depends on its cause. If a health problem plays a role in painful sex, treating the problem may ease the pain. If a medicine causes lubrication problems, switching to a different medicine may help. Other treatment options include exercises to relax the vaginal muscles, counseling and sex therapy.