A larger amount of breast gland tissue than usual in men.


Gynecomastia happens due to a drop in the amount of the hormone testosterone compared with the hormone estrogen. Causes include natural hormone changes, certain medicines and other health conditions. Most often, gynecomastia isn't a serious problem. But changes in the way the body looks can lead to stress.


Most adults with gynecomastia say they don't have symptoms. But the condition can cause pain in the breasts, especially in teenagers. The breast tissue also may look swollen or feel tender. The nipples may feel sensitive when rubbed by clothing. Get medical help for pain, tenderness, swelling or any fluid that comes out of a nipple.


Gynecomastia often gets better on its own with time. But if another health condition causes it, that condition may need treatment. Treatment options for some people with gynecomastia include breast cancer medicines or surgery to remove extra breast tissue. Talk therapy and support groups can help ease stress.