Meniere's disease



Meniere's disease is a long-term health problem. It often affects only one ear. Its exact cause isn't known. But a buildup of fluid in the inner ear seems to set off the symptoms. Meniere's disease can start at any age. Most often it begins between the ages of 40 and 60.


Meniere's disease can cause a feeling of spinning called vertigo. That may lead to trouble with balance. Meniere's also can cause a person to lose some hearing and to have ringing in the ear. The ear may feel full too. Meniere's disease symptoms can come and go. They may happen less over time.


No cure exists for Meniere's disease. But treatments can ease the symptoms. Drugs can help ease vertigo and nausea and reduce fluid in the ear. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy can improve balance. Hearing aids can make voices and other sounds louder. Shots of medicine in the middle ear may improve vertigo symptoms. Surgery may improve severe vertigo.