Postpartum hemorrhage



Too much bleeding after a baby is born.


Having some bleeding after a baby is born is common. But too much blood loss is called postpartum hemorrhage. This is a serious condition, and it needs medical care right away. Causes include loss of muscle tone in the uterus, the placenta growing too deeply into the uterus, tears in the vagina or cervix, or a bleeding disorder.


Blood loss is the main symptom of postpartum hemorrhage. Other symptoms may include making less urine than usual, feeling lightheaded, and having low blood pressure or a high pulse rate.


Postpartum hemorrhage treatment depends on the cause. How much blood has been lost and blood flow in the body also affect treatment. Medicine often is used first, followed by a balloon or other device to compress the internal uterine walls. Blood transfusions or surgery may be needed. In severe cases, surgery to remove the uterus may be considered.