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Altru Recognizes Nine Team Members with 2022 Altru Achievement Awards

Posted OnNovember 07, 2022

Altru Achievement Awards are peer-nominated and awarded to employees who exemplify the values of Altru Health System, are committed to serving others, and who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities. Below are excerpts from their nominations. 


Brenda Schultz, Finance
Brenda is a kind of leader everyone desires. She protects her team, listens, stands up for them and, most importantly, stands by them no matter if there are work concerns or problems at home. She has created a culture of inclusion, protection and support. I believe her team looks at her as a mentor rather than a supervisor, and that is a trait we all desire to carry. Bosses are not desired, true leaders and mentors are. I often hear Brenda say, “Let me connect with my team and we will see what we can do.”

Jennifer Haugen, Altru Health Foundation/Integrative Medicine
Jennifer is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals I have ever met. She is incredibly knowledgeable, having earned numerous certifications and awards. More importantly, though, Jennifer is honest, authentic and compassionate. She goes above and beyond for her patients, not because she has to, but because she cares so deeply about others’ well-being. Jennifer shares her time and expertise generously with our health system, community and entire region.

Jessica Strand, Family & Internal Medicine
Jess is very respectful and helpful to the entire staff, giving them tools to help them succeed in their jobs. She goes above and beyond expectations every day. Staff feel welcomed and included in the decision-making process; therefore, helping them engage in continued improvement to provide the very best of care to our community. Jess is always willing to pitch in and help no matter how big or small the task at hand. She is strategic and innovative with care models. Jess is also caring and engages her team.

Judy Pitts, EGF Family Medicine Clinic
Judy is an excellent nurse. She has been with Altru for many years. Judy comes to work every shift ready to go with a great attitude that is totally contagious. She has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude that keeps us all going. Judy is a resource to any new staff, as well as seasoned staff. She is my go-to lady for a lot of things. She has a great relationship with all her patients (compassionate and caring) and a respectful and fun relationship with her provider. Judy makes works fun.

Karisa Pawlowski, Quality and Safety
Karisa displays integrity through her research and validation of all information she provides, which has contributed to the trust our teams have in her. She acknowledges team members that go above and beyond, has real conversations about concerns, and works to understand and support our clinical teams in finding new ways to improve safety. Karisa takes time to listen to any and all concerns brought her way. She follows up and explains in a way the listener can understand.

Lisa Johnson, Nursing Administration
Lisa has a very positive approach to her work. Her attitude is that “we can do this.” Even on a day when she is most likely exhausted from all that has come her way, she continues to be positive. This positivity influences others, creating a sense of calm and confidence. Lisa often takes calls during off-hours to support her team. She has stepped in to help in departments that are busy and need a little extra help. She goes above and beyond to serve the mission of Altru.

Luann Mlodzik, Surgery
Luey loves her job and is proud to work here. She is committed to this team and Altru. Luey does what she can do to improve the department. She thinks of ideas and implements change, as evidenced by her work. Luey has worked on numerous projects. She follows through, notifying all parties impacted by the change. We call her our educator. Although Luey does not have the title on her badge, she does A LOT of extra work to keep our team up to date with our education needs. Luey’s spirit and love to serve others is evident.

Matt Schumacher, Information Services
Matt has a calm demeanor, listens to understand and is thoughtful to his approach. He creates a healthy place to work and has a dedicated team that goes above and beyond at all hours of the day to ensure other colleagues can complete the necessary work for our patients and their families. Matt is an effective mentor, communicating to all members of his team as appropriate and encouraging them to provide ideas on operational improvements.

Staci Halliday, Special Procedures/Procedural Services
Stacy is a true leader, listener and mentor to the staff and students she encounters. The patients are her priority, and she greets them with a smile and puts them at ease right from the start. Staci’s positive energy, willingness to help others and listening are her greatest qualities. She builds her team up by mentoring them to a higher level of confidence. It seems no matter what is asked of her, she is always willing. Staci can calm a room with her smile and exceptional care she gives to each of her patients.