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Altru Recognizes Team Members with 2023 Altru Achievement Awards

Posted OnMay 29, 2024

Altru Achievement Awards are peer-nominated and awarded to employees who exemplify the values of Altru Health System, are committed to serving others, and who go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities. Below are excerpts from their nominations. 

Amber Stokke

Amber Stokke, Clinic Manager
Amber goes above and beyond her daily responsibilities to make sure the best is done for the clinic staff. She is always willing to listen to her staff’s concerns and demonstrates a commitment to serving others without recognition. Devils Lake has consistently had high engagement scores, largely due to Amber’s hard work and willingness to listen. Amber is a team player and does her best to address any and all issues in a timely fashion.

Brittany Caillier

Brittany Caillier, Foundation
Brittany focuses on building authentic relationships and encouraging the same. She brings an innovative and creative spirit to all she does. Brittany finds joy in making connections between those in need and those who are ready and willing to share their resources (and love) with others. She does not seek recognition but finds satisfaction through knowing she has played a role in helping those in need to find the healing, resources, and hope they need.

Brittney Blake

Brittney Blake, Legal
Brittany is the ultimate team player. She is accountable and takes ownership for the work she is assigned to not only make sure it's done, but to make sure it is improved and efficient. Her enthusiasm for people is infectious and she leaves a lasting impression that makes others want to do more. Brittney supports the leadership team with complex patients through support in off hour situations when a leader on call may need help. She demonstrates empathy and a desire to better understand the healthcare business and how she can help make things better. Numerous policies and procedures have been created or improved upon thanks to Brittney’s tireless efforts to make Altru a better place to receive care and to work.

Jeffrey Haney

Jeffery Haney, EGF Physical Therapy
Jeffery has exemplified what it means to be a great team player and how to deliver world class care to our community and the surrounding area. He often has patients specifically request to come back to him only because of the relationship he develops with them. Jeffery is always dependable to deliver world class care and often takes on multiple evaluations in a day, without complaint or concern. He greatly helps improve our patient access and is always willing to accept new patients, sometimes multiple, in a day.

Kacie Capp

Kacie Capp, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Kacie is selfless with her time and energy, consistently putting others needs in front of her own. She is a quiet leader who garners respect and admiration from co-workers and providers through her dedication and willingness to go the extra mile for others. Each time a new hire onboards in our department, I receive feedback on how helpful Kacie is and the level of care she demonstrates in the new hire’s success. Kacie is often called upon in the Orthopedics department because she is a leader and always willing to go first when trying a new process to improve the patient experience. 

Kayla Olson

Kayla Olson, Cardiology/Heart and Vascular Division
Kayla’s clinical care is thoughtful, detailed, outstanding and reflects someone who spends significant time considering how she can “up her game” and take even better care of the patients she is responsible for.  She is extraordinary and makes deep and meaningful connections with patients, families, colleagues, and staff regardless of their cultural or socioeconomic background, something that plays a major role in the management of the disease process. Patients always rave about her and take the time to point out her overall excellence, thoroughness, empathy, and respect during the interview and examination. Kayla is the kind of leader that everyone desires, the that listens and stands up for them, and where people look to her as a mentor rather than a supervisor. 

Kristen Brien

Kristen Brien, Plant and Facilities
Kristen provides superior support services to our patient care staff directly affecting our patient’s experience. She is driven to process improvement and thoughtful to include her team while supporting them through transition. Kristen is always willing to ‘step-up’ and support her team in working irregular hours, weekends, and holidays; she provides exceptional support to Altru. Kristen’s leadership has resulted in a significant effort to validate all existing assets, which required coordination with multiple other departments.

Luke Beito

Luke Beito, Emergency Department
Luke consistently treats every single patient and family with care and great integrity. He takes every situation and takes an opportunity to improve a patient’s health, their experience at Altru, and most importantly strives to improve their presenting illness. Luke is constantly asking each team member how he can support them, he is always seeking to help and provide quick, but the best care. His integrity is never once jeopardized and he continuously asks, ‘what would I want?’ Luke has a wealth of knowledge and is always very helpful in critical care and in supporting his team members. He is diligent in the work he does, by collaborating with providers to ensure that we are providing 100% accountable and obtainable care that will only enhance the health of patients. 

Sam Allard

Samantha Allard, Human Resources
Samantha listens intently not only for understanding, but also to identify common concerns or questions. She is the definition of a team player with an intensely collaborative style. She brings the performance of every team she is a part of to a higher level and is simply fun to be around. Sam is a knock-it-out-of-the-park example of what 5-star service looks like and she not only listens to her customers with empathy, but also identifies themes and then takes action to better their experience. In Sam’s own words, ‘My goal is always to make the end users job easier by streamlining processes within HR, so they are able to complete tasks and get back to supporting employees, patients and their families.’ Look no further than Sam for the absolute best example of what it means to continuously improve not only her work, but also herself.