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Altru Reveals New Mission, Vision and Values

Posted OnJanuary 12, 2024

Grand Forks, N.D. - Altru revealed a new mission, vision and values to the community this week.

“With less than one year left until we move into our new hospital, now is the time for Altru to redefine our mission, vision and values” said Todd Forkel, Altru’s CEO. “We chose this mission because it simply explains what our team does best: making a difference for those we care for.”

The new values can serve as universal truths for many team members. “Do the right thing” and “go above and beyond” are just a couple of ways Altru encourages positive behaviors.

Altru unveiled the new mission, vision and values to team members on January 4, during a larger team meeting.

“Using video, we told a story about how our patients view us as caregivers,” Forkel said. “The interactions we have with those patients can influence them in many ways.”

At the end of the video, it is revealed how a child’s previous experience with Altru inspired them to become a provider. It shows how small acts of kindness can greatly impact others.

“Ultimately, the video tells the story of how our patients, team and community are all connected. It is up to us to provide our families, friends and neighbors with care that includes kindness and makes a difference.”

The new mission, vision and values can be applied to how Altru team members treat patients, co-workers and people in the community.

“Care doesn’t stop at the exit of our hospital and clinics,” said Forkel. “Our team makes a difference in a variety of ways, including in our community. We want our mission, vision and values to reflect the larger impact our organization continues to make.”

Altru’s New Mission: Making a difference for those we care for.

Altru’s New Vision: The relentless pursuit of excellence for the health of our community.

Altru’s New Values:

  1. Be kind to everyone
  2. Go above and beyond
  3. Do the right thing
  4. Win as a team

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