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Altru Health Foundation

Focused on our Region. Focused on Growth. Focused on Compassion.

We believe in the power of generosity to completely transform and heal individuals, families, communities, and our region.

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Generosity has often been understood as healing for the recipient, but we also know it is equally, if not more so, healing for the giver. Whether we are giving time by sitting with a cancer patient, forming a team to fundraise for kids in our community, or providing personal resources to help build a new hospital, we are connecting with something larger than ourselves.

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At Altru Health Foundation, we envision a community that heals one another through generosity. As we open our eyes and our hearts to those around us, we begin to realize the collective power within us to lead the way toward healthy individuals, healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy region.

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Generosity Highlight


“I’m not taking every day for granted anymore,” says Eric. “I think that, without being morbid or silly about this, it is a blessing that this happened at this age. We can still recover from the unhealthy lifestyle that we had. I have some stuff I want to do yet in my life.”

When Eric started his day one Sunday, he never thought he was going to have a heart attack, but heart attacks don’t wait for when you’re ready.

Learn how Altru's Heart and Vascular team saved Eric's life.

Generosity in Action | Altru Health Foundation

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