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Now is a time to reflect and appreciate those people and things in our lives we are thankful for. When we thought about all the staff who make the magic happen behind the scenes at Altru, we were inspired to create #AltruThanksU. We visited fourteen departments and snapped photos of a few employees to thank them for the job they do. Last week, we shared these on Facebook. All Altru employees contribute to ensuring our patients and fellow staff members have a positive experience during their time with us. The employees we met are shining examples of how our mission, Improving Health, Enriching Life, is carried out day-to-day.

Behind the Scenes

Many of the departments featured work behind the scenes. They don’t always have contact with our patients, but their jobs are vital to providing excellent patient care. Linen services make surgery packs and ensure clean linens are distributed throughout Altru. Grounds workers take care of Altru’s eighty acres of land and clear all the snow during the winter. Security services train officers for the patient and staff security.

Positive Attitudes

All of the employees we talked with had similar reasons about why they enjoy their jobs: their co-workers provide joy. Our values shine through. We work to meet the needs of our patients and work as a team with honesty and respect. (Learn more about Altru’s Behavior Standards.)

Altru employees contribute to a positive atmosphere by working hard and having positive attitudes. This includes an occasional joke or two. Julie Walberg, a bio-medical assistant, attests to her co-workers’ positivity. “I love the people I work with. They make me laugh every day. They are so funny. If anyone ever has a bad day and needs a laugh, come to Bio-Med.”

While speaking with Patty Nordin, catering food service worker, she added humor to our conversation, “Why have I worked for Altru for 30 years? I stayed around for the bluestone you receive for fifteen years of service! Just kidding, really I am a people person, so working in catering allows me to interact with people.”

#AltruThanksU is for all of our kind, compassionate and hardworking providers and staff. This holiday season, we would like to thank you for all the work you do to improve health and enrich lives across our region. Your dedication shines through your service to our patients.

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