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Celebrating a Healthy ‘N Fit Life | The Dallums’ Story

Celebrating a Healthy ‘N Fit Life | The Dallums’ Story

“Doing this as a family was the best way to go,” says Amy Dallum, a recent participant in Healthy ‘N Fit Kids and Families. “It has truly transformed our family. We make better choices when we go out to eat or grocery shop together, and now my boys beg me to go shoot hoops at the gym. Would I recommend the program to others? In a heartbeat.”

Amy’s youngest son, Peter, was born early as a micro-preemie, weighing in at only two pounds. When he was six years old, he gained weight suddenly—at the rate of 18 pounds in one month. Amy consulted their pediatrician, Dr. Susan Zelewski, who recommended the Healthy ‘N Fit Kids and Families program.

John Crist, registered dietitian reached out to Amy for their initial evaluation. Amy and her husband, Bernie, have two boys: Peter, age 9, and Levi, age 12. “All of us could stand to lose a little weight,” explains Amy.

For the boys, John wasn’t as concerned about losing weight. Instead, he encouraged them to “grow into their bodies.”

Improving as a Whole Family

kid walking and watching tv

With John and Emily’s guidance, the Dallum family has started to make better choices.

“We try to have more meals at home, passing food around the table family-style. When we do go out, we order smarter options,” says Amy. “When we grocery shop together, the kids think it’s fun to find the healthier snack options, such as plain yogurt or popcorn. Sometimes they’ll even police me, saying ‘Mom, you should really eat this instead.’”

While the boys used to enjoy iPads during their downtime, they now have a limited amount of screen time. The Dallums installed a television about their treadmill, so now if anyone wants more screen time, they can have it—while they walk on the treadmill.

The Dallums are enjoying being active together as a family. “We all got Fitbits for Christmas this year, and we challenge one another.” Levi, who is active on the local club swim team, is also noticing an improvement in his swim times.

mother and child

Even though the Dallums have completed the eight-week program, they have continued the tradition of going to the gym together every Monday. “We recently had our three-month follow-up appointment with John and Emily, and we were happy to see the progress the boys are still making. The greatest thing of all is that we did this together!”

Need a fresh perspective on child and family health? Healthy ‘N Fit Kids and Families offers physical and nutrition education for kids and their families. Individual consultations and group sessions are available. For more information, call the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics at 701.732.7620.