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7 Ways to Use Your Lunch Break to Improve Your Health

7 Ways to Use Your Lunch Break to Improve Your Health

Are you stuck in a rut at work? Do you have low energy during the day? Would you like to lose some weight? Breaking up your day with some exercise will boost your metabolism and leave you re-energized for the rest of the afternoon. Incorporate these simple tips into your workweek to improve your health.

1. Squeeze in a Workout.

If you have the time, use your lunch break to fit in a gym session. Walking on a treadmill, riding a recumbent bike or an elliptical, or completing a strength training circuit is a great way to relax and revitalize.

2. Take an Exercise Class.

Group exercise classes are fun ways to add variety to your workout. The instructor will likely challenge you more than you may choose to do on your own, and the camaraderie of a group provides great accountability to help you remain consistent and follow through with your intention to exercise regularly.

3. Step It up a Notch.

Activity trackers are a fantastic incentive to get more exercise. Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Choose a lunch destination that is a good 15-minute walk from your office and you are well on your way. Plus, the walk will break up your afternoon and give you a mental break from work.

Woman walking in the stairs

4. Hit the Stairs.

Skip the elevator, and challenge yourself to walk a few flights of stairs. You’ll get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, plus it’s a quick way to burn calories when your time is limited or you cannot get outdoors.

5. Be a Video Star.

Why let a rainy day get in the way of exercise? Bring an exercise or yoga video to play in a meeting or conference room. Ask a couple of work colleagues to join. There is almost an unlimited number of videos on YouTube that you can watch for free.

6. Pump It Up.

It is possible to exercise at the office without taking up a lot of space or calling a lot of attention to yourself. Bodyweight movements, exercise bands, and exercise ball movements are space-efficient ways to get a quick workout.

7. Stretch.

Sitting in front of a computer all day means that certain parts of your body get extra tight over time. Your hip flexors, shoulders, and neck are especially prone to injury and tightening. Take a few minutes to stretch out during lunch to ensure that your body stays in tip-top shape.

There are many ways to be active during your break. Not only is exercise good for your body, but studies have also shown that it helps you be more mentally aware, creative, and productive throughout the day. If you don’t know where to start please talk to an exercise professional to help get you on the right track.