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Hear From a Doctor Without Leaving Home

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Hear From a Doctor Without Leaving Home

Sharing concerns with your doctor, scheduling appointments and getting access to your medical information has never been this easy. With eVisits and MyChart, Altru Health System is becoming more present online.

Altru eVisits

Have you ever had a little cough that you just weren’t sure about or a rash that didn’t seem quite worth a trip to the hospital?

Now by using Altru eVisits, you can tell Altru professionals your symptoms right on your smartphone or your computer. You even have the ability to add a picture to your eVisit if your concern is something visible. By doing so, an Altru provider can diagnose you online, give you a plan of action and/or send in your prescription. Or, they can let you know that it is worth coming in to have a physician look at it in person.

Altru eVisits are great in many different instances and will have a positive impact on:

  • Patients with busy schedules
  • Out-out-town patients
  • Patients with limited mobility
  • Visits that don’t require physical interaction

If you have a specific issue that isn’t an emergency, there is a good chance it can be resolved by an Altru eVisit. Remember, if your medical issue is urgent, do not wait for an eVisit consult.

mom checking temperatureAlthough it is a very exciting opportunity, before you jump right into your first eVisit, you must have already been a patient with Altru Health System and have an established MyChart account. Log on to your MyChart account to initiate an eVisit.


Along with our new online visits, Altru offers MyChart online medical site.

By being a former patient of Altru and by signing up for a MyChart account you can:

  • Communicate with your provider’s office
  • Schedule/Cancel medical appointments. View upcoming and past appointments.
  • Pay bills securely.
  • View most test results, Radiology and Pathology reports and provider outpatient progress notes.
  • Request portions of your Medical Record with Altru (some fees may apply).
  • Request prescription renewals.
  • View your child’s record and print growth charts.
  • Manage care of elderly parents.

To sign up or for more information, check out the MyChart login page.