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The Healing Power of Generosity

March 25, 2020

The world is a different place than it was a week ago. But as with any time of crisis and uncertainty, we can find reasons for gratitude for all that is still right in the world. For us at Altru, right now, that includes the incredible acts of generosity taking place throughout our community. From supporting local businesses to making sure our children have nutritious meals and sharing supplies and resources with those in need – our region demonstrates generosity in action just when our neighbors need it the most. At Altru, we believe in the healing power of generosity. We know that generosity not only benefits the recipient, but it’s also good for the giver! Check out the below ideas if you’re looking for ways to help.

6 Ways You Can Inspire Generosity Within Our Community:

Support local businesses by ordering take out or purchasing gift cards. Many local businesses are operating in ways they never have before. Let’s show them our support now, so we can visit them in person soon! (If you’re feeling extra generous, mail a gift card to Altru Health Foundation and we’ll make sure it benefits a patient or staff member in need.)

Share a positive message on social media. From hearts in house windows, encouraging words on your sidewalk or notes and posts of appreciation to a loved one – your positive message will leave a heartfelt impact on those around you. And remember, always be thoughtful in sharing reputable sources of news and information on social media.

Thank an essential worker. Grocery stores, pharmacies, daycare providers, police, firefighters and, of course, healthcare are just a few essential businesses that can’t work from home. Give them a smile and send a few words of gratitude the next time you’re able! (Extra tip: be mindful of purchasing only the groceries and supplies you need during this time. There will be plenty to go around!)

Practice gratitude. Thank a teacher who is creatively teaching virtually. Connect with friends you haven’t seen in a while and thank them for their friendship. Take time to appreciate this extended, uninterrupted time with family. We suggest keeping a journal of reasons to be grateful!

Donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Homemade/Sewn Face Masks – If you have already been sewing homemade masks, we may accept them for our patients and visitors as extra personal protection. Please contact Brittany Caillier at to schedule your donation drop-off. PPE from other Industries – We may accept PPE, such as masks or gloves, from other industries such as dental offices and schools of nursing. Please contact Brenda Pauley-Colter at if you are interested in donating such supplies. If you are looking for other ways you can help Altru’s doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and administrators who continue to care for our community during this time of uncertainty, please visit How to Help.

Stay home and stay healthy. This is the best way to help our community right now. Maintaining proper social distance and staying home when you’re feeling under the weather will help each of us stay healthy.

Generosity heals because generosity connects. In a time when we’re asked to be physically distant from one another, we can find connection and meaningful relationships through generously serving our community together (well, at least six feet apart!).

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