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Donating Blood at Dak Minn Blood Bank
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Donating Blood at Dak Minn Blood Bank

December 14, 2021

Updated 6.14.2023

Dak Minn Blood Bank is the only hospital-based donor center in North Dakota and one of only 79 active Hospital-Based Donor Centers (HBDC) in the U.S. registered with the FDA.

HBDCs were formed to increase the local supply of blood and increase the capacity to collect in times of crisis. Since the late 1990s there has been a steady decline of independent blood centers in the U.S. Dak Minn Blood Bank has been proudly operating as a part of Altru Health System since 1974.

The Importance of Dak Minn Blood Bank

  • Dak Minn Blood Bank is 1 of 12 facilities that reported providing over 50% of transfusion needs for red cells and platelets. It provides well over 90% of the total need.
  • Dak Minn Blood Bank supplies blood products to 4 critical access hospitals within the Altru service region.
  • HBDCs are uniquely positioned to embrace new technologies and easily collaborate with physicians regarding blood product needs at their institutions.
  • The presence of an HBDC promotes community engagement, civic partnership, and increases awareness of the blood supply. Dak Minn Blood Bank provides tangible engagement for local businesses, community organizations and the regional workforce to actively participate in business philanthropy, supporting the local hospital and contributing directly to patient care.
  • Local control of an HBDC allows for rapid response to emergent situations.
  • HBDCs that collect a higher proportion of transfusion needs for their hospital insulate them from supply chain disruptions in times of national shortages and provide surge capacity when needed.

"Having a hospital-based donor center in Grand Forks is something very unique because the blood products collected stay local," says Monica Janssen, Donor Relations Coordinator at Dak Minn Blood Bank in Grand Forks. "The Greater Grand Forks community members and surrounding areas are always willing to step up and support our patients here at Altru."

Dak Minn Blood Bank sees a decline of blood donations during holiday weeks, including the Fourth of July. When blood donations drop so does the blood supply. Please consider donating during the remainder of June to ensure blood is available at Altru Health System during the upcoming holiday.

The Blood Donation Process

  1. Bring a photo I.D. and register with the front desk.
  2. Complete a short questionnaire regarding health history, recent travel, immunizations, etc.
  3. Meet with a specialist to complete a health screening including blood pressure, temperature, pulse and hemoglobin (iron) level.
  4. A phlebotomist will clean your arm and inserts a sterile needle. This is what most people would call the hard part!
  5. In all, the draw takes 5-8 minutes. You will be given a stress ball to hold and squeeze.
  6. After the blood draw is finished, recharge and rehydrate! We encourage you to help yourself to refreshments including water, juice, donuts, popcorn and other snacks.

If you would like to donate blood, schedule an appointment online or call 701.780.5433.

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