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Reap the Rewards of Healthy Habits

Need a little nudge to get your health in gear? Altru & You with Medica℠ members can receive rewards for establishing and maintaining wellness goals. 

Altru & You with Medica℠ knows that it can be challenging to implement healthy lifestyle changes, which is why we’ve created a system to reward you for making your wellness a priority. Each of the following milestones can earn you points. For every 100 points, you receive a $20 gift card—totaling up to $100 per year—which you can use at your favorite restaurants, retailers and more. 

Compass® Health Assessment and Next-Step Consult* 

Take an interactive health assessment to earn 100 points and immediately receive a summary of your health status and personalized recommendations for what you can improve. This test can be retaken at any time as your status evolves. 

We offer further assistance—and 25 additional points—when you schedule your Next-Step Consult. A health guide will call you to discuss your Compass results and help identify steps you can take to resolve any challenges highlighted in the assessment. 

Know Your Numbers 

Annual preventive health screenings and wellness checkups are important for your long-term health. The following health programs and tests qualify for rewards: 

  • Altru’s biometric screening: 25 points 
  • Altru’s health coaching: 100 points 
  • Altru’s weight management: 100 points 
  • Body composition analysis: 25 points 
  • Colorectal cancer screening: 25 points 
  • Mammogram: 25 points 
  • Medication therapy management: 100 points 


Everyone has a unique health journey. Our Journeys program acknowledges that by allowing you to select specific health issues to tackle. Each program lasts a few weeks and earns you 50 points. You can be rewarded for up to six Journeys per year. 


Health is about the choices you make every day. Track gives you credit for reinforcing and maintaining good habits, such as exercising and eating well, and can even sync with select fitness tracking devices. You can earn one reward point per day and up to 200 reward points per year. 

Start earning health rewards today. Log in to your member website,, and click on the Health and Wellness tab for more information. 

*RedBrick Next-Steps Consult and Track are trademarks owned by RedBrick Health Corporation. RedBrick Compass and Journey are registered trademarks owned by RedBrick Health Corporation.

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