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Altru's One Call Transfer Center

Providing convenient and continuous medical services to our regional healthcare partners is a priority for Altru Health System. By coordinating inpatient care through our centralized Regional Transfer Coordinator, we've eliminated the complexities with inpatient care transitions, which benefits the outcomes of our regional patients.

To make an emergency or hospital transfer to Altru, call 855.4ALTRU1 (855.425.8781).

Transfer Process

The transfer process at Altru Health System is easy:

  1. A hospital representative or physician calls the Transfer Center expressing interest in transferring a patient to Altru.
  2. The Regional Transfer Coordinator will obtain initial information concerning the patient, including demographics, condition and clinical information, reason for transfer and specialty requested.
  3. The coordinator will locate the appropriate physician and facilitate a recorded three-way conference call between the referring and accepting physicians. The coordinator will be included in the call to assist in a timely evaluation and will collect pertinent clinical information as needed.

Continuity of care is essential in positive patient outcomes. We are committed to working together to achieve the best patient care and experience possible.


  • Call Altru's One Call Transfer Center at 855.4ALTRU1.
  • Please have the following information ready:
    • Patient's demographic information
    • Reason for transfer
    • Current IV infusions
    • Current vital signs
    • Current lab values
    • Weight
    • Isolation precautions
    • Need for special equipment (i.e. ventilator or balloon pump)
    • Level of care/transport required (BLS, ALS/critical care/ground or air transportation)
  • Prepare a copy of the patient's chart.

Your patient referrals are important to us. The One Call Registered Nurse will streamline the referral and acceptance process, making it faster, more efficient and convenient with improved communication for the transferring patient.


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