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Frequently Asked Questions

Video Visits

Scheduled Video Visit

If you would like to have an appointment with your provider virtually, you can schedule a video visit. These visits are available during normal clinic hours. Primary care and pediatrics visits can be scheduled on MyChart. For other specialties, please contact your provider's office.

How are Video Visits billed?

Altru will bill your insurance for the cost of your video visit. If your insurance does not pay the full amount due, you may be responsible for the balance, including any copays or deductibles. Though Video Visits are covered by many insurance policies, there are still some insurance policies that will not cover Video Visits for patients at home. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to confirm your insurance coverage.

If a Video Visit IS a covered benefit:

If you have coverage, then your plan will process Video Visits the same as a face-to-face visit and assign copay, coinsurance and/or deductible based on your plan benefits. Covered benefits are not eligible for the patient pay discount.

If a Video Visit is NOT a covered benefit:

If your insurance does not offer Video Visits as a covered benefit, you may be eligible for a self-pay patient discount for the Video Visit. Call Altru Patient Financial Services at 701.780.1500 once you receive your bill for the service. Medicare patients should automatically receive the discount and will not need to call Patient Financial Services for the discount.

If you are uninsured or underinsured and your insurance does not cover this service, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Please contact a hospital finance assistance representative at 701.780.1500.

Technical Assistance

You can use your smartphone or tablet once you've downloaded the MyChart app. You can also use a Windows laptop or computer by logging into the MyChart website. We ask that you make sure your computer has a working camera, microphone and speaker. (If you have a computer, you may be asked to download a Vidyo extension and Vidyo plug-in.) On a computer, you can use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your web browser.

For any technical questions, please call 701.780.6500.