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Dancing Through Graduation and Life | Alyssa’s Story

Dancing Through Graduation and Life | Alyssa’s Story

As Alyssa Amundson looks forward to college at NDSU this fall, she has a lot to figure out—what classes to take, where she’ll live, if she’ll find a part-time job. But there is one thing she knows for sure: she wants to continue dancing.

Alyssa, a senior at Red River High School in Grand Forks, has been involved with dance since she was six years old. She’s taken part in every form of dance offered at her studio—from jazz to tap, ballet to hip hop. It is a part of her life that she never wants to give up.

“I have always loved music, and music is always incorporated into dance,” shares Alyssa. “I enjoy the musicality of dance, and how it allows me to express myself. Plus, if I am stressed out, with dance I can just let loose and have fun.”

“Ever since Alyssa was two years old, she could be found dressed up in a costume, high heels, singing and dancing around the house,” remembers Alyssa’s mom, Julie. “Dancing puts a smile on her face!”

A Pain in Her Foot

A few years ago, Alyssa started to notice pain in her foot. She dances three to five times a week, and the consistent use of her foot made the pain get worse and worse. Though she tried to dance through it, eventually it got to the point where she wasn’t enjoying dancing because of the constant pain. So, she decided to seek care.

Julie made an appointment for her with Dr. William Haug Jr., an orthopedist at Altru Advanced Orthopedics. She was comfortable with Dr. Haug and knew he’d do what was in Alyssa’s best interest to help her get back to dance safely.

“I work at Altru in information services, and I got to know Dr. Haug through my work,” shares Julie. “He is patient and has a very calming way about him. After Alyssa had been struggling with her sore foot for quite some time, she asked if I would schedule her an appointment to have it checked out. I immediately thought of Dr. Haug.”

The Diagnosis

Through an MRI, Dr. Haug determined that Alyssa had a stress fracture in her foot. She was instructed to rest and take a break from dance, and was given a boot to help stabilize her foot and aid in its healing. Dr. Haug also recommended orthotic inserts in her shoes to help support her foot and avoid irritating the injury.

“Dr. Haug did an excellent job of explaining things to me,” shares Alyssa. “He explained the injury and the treatment plan, and how my pain would diminish with wearing a boot and resting up. He was always kind and patient, and took an interest in helping me get back to dance.”

“We are so thankful for Dr. Haug,” shares Julie. “He made Alyssa feel comfortable, and he reassured her she would be dancing again soon.”

Alyssa took a break from dance for about eight weeks while her foot healed, focusing her attention on her other artistic hobbies—singing and drama. After the wait was over and Alyssa was pain-free, she was back on the dance floor, just in time for her recital.

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