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Excellent Care in Devils Lake | Jan Randall’s Patient Story

Excellent Care in Devils Lake | Jan Randall’s Patient Story

When Jan Randall had a hamstring injury in March of 2019, he knew he wanted to be taken care of at Altru.

“I had a fall, and I tore my hamstring about 60% through,” explains Jan. “It involved a lot of people from orthopedics and vascular to make sure everything was okay. All kinds of tests.”

Jan’s wife, Norma, had gallbladder surgery done earlier in the year at Altru and the Randall family was elated with how she had been treated so Jan made the choice to go to Altru.

“My wife and my daughter both had procedures at Altru in Grand Forks, and they were very wonderful to them, really caring,” explains Jan.

Deciding To Switch

For many years Jan had been taken care of by the Veterans Administration but the travel to Fargo from Cando, N.D., was taxing.

“I talked with the VA to see if I could, indeed, transfer my care to Altru and they said I could, and I did,” says Jan. “I ended up going to the clinic there in Devils Lake. My primary doctor there is Kelly Leiphon, and she has a nurse named Wanda.”

Jan was thrilled to find that he could easily receive care so close to home.

“It's user friendly because you have specialists coming to Devils Lake. It's just a win-win deal for me. It’s just simple, and I like simple.”

Care For Life

“I’m 70 years old. I've been in places that weren’t good,” says Jan. “What I encountered at Altru was a very caring, extremely easy to work with team. If I have concerns or questions, I can leave a message with Kelly’s nurse, Wanda, and I’ll get a call back within a day.”

Aside from the thorough and excellent care Jan received at Altru and continues to receive, he was pleased to find people who care about his overall well-being.

“They really care about people,” says Jan. “People were considerate and caring. It was real. It gives you a feeling that you are in the correct place and people are going to take care of you and do their best. I am more than pleased, more than happy with the care I receive at the clinic in Devils Lake and the care in Grand Forks.”

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