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National Diabetes Prevention Program | Altru

National Diabetes Prevention Program | Altru

Each year Linda makes an appointment for an annual physical and blood work. 2022 was no different. She went in and was surprised to receive the news that she was pre-diabetic.

Linda was referred to her primary physician to figure out the next step and to get a consultation from a dietician. In visiting with the dietician, Linda learned about a series of classes she could take through Altru that were free of charge, the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

“I was excited,” she said, “There was someone out there to help me!”

Linda was motivated to seek our help as there is diabetes in her family.

“My mother had diabetes and later passed away from compilations from it at the age of 72. It motivated me even more as I am approaching the same age.”

After trying to lose weight unsuccessfully with a number of ‘fad’ diets, she knew she needed the right training and support for the type of weight loss she was trying to achieve.Linda

Her favorite part of the classes is the great support she receives from the dieticians and the support from the other participants, who have all bonded together to help each other, from sharing recipes to offering encouragement.

“A challenge for me was to start an exercise routine, as I am not an athletic person and have felt degraded for not going to the gym, but now have my own exercise routine that is ‘mine.’

Linda continues to reach her goals and hopes to see continued improvement in her labs when she returns for her blood work. She feels much more energetic, feels good about her accomplishments and is down almost two sizes in her clothes.

“I just can’t say enough good things about this program. It is wonderful! I’ve learned so much about myself and what, and how, to eat – not to mention the good people there to help, teach and support you along your journey.”

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is a lifestyle change program designed to help people lose weight, be more active and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. To register for the next Diabetes Prevention Program, visit or visit for more information.