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Ethics Advisory Committee

There are times when making a decision for yourself or a family member about whether or not to undergo treatment presents some difficulties or conflicts. Altru Health System's Ethics Advisory Committee can be a source of assistance. The purpose of the Ethics Advisory Committee is to inform and assist providers, patients and families with ethical issues and decisions.

When families face these difficult decisions in which there is no right or wrong or there are conflicting beliefs regarding treatment, Altru's Ethics Advisory Committee can help.

To refer an issue to the Altru Health System Ethics Advisory Committee, call Altru's Spiritual Care at 701.780.5300.
In the evening or on weekends, dial 0 if you are in the hospital or 701.780.5000 if you are out of the hospital, and ask for the hospital supervisor.


A valuable resource members of the Ethics Advisory Committee include physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, attorneys, people in the community and others. They can look at an issue from many different perspectives to assure that the decision maker has all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Any patient, family member, physician, or staff member may request a review by the Ethics Advisory Committee of situations which involve ethical issues.

Code Of Ethics

Altru Health System recognizes its responsibility to its patients, staff, physician and the community it serves to conduct patient care and all other operations in an ethical manner based on its values, mission, vision and strategic plan.

Values serve as the guiding principles for ethical behavior in all activities and are supported by policies, procedures, practices and quality service. A Code of Ethics is the mechanism by which values are brought to life.

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