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Paperless Billing

Thank you for choosing Altru Health System for your healthcare needs. At Altru, we are committed to minimizing healthcare costs and reducing our environmental impact. To support these efforts, we have converted all MyChart users to paperless billing as of June 1, 2022. This means you will no longer receive a bill in the mail.

What you need to know:

  • You can view your monthly statement and manage your billing notifications on the MyChart website or mobile app. Statements are found under the Billing tab, selecting Billing Summary and View statements.
  • On our mobile app, statements are found under the Billing tile. You may opt out of paperless billing and change back to paper statements from these billing sections.
  • When a new statement is ready for you to review, we will send you a monthly notification to your email address. Please ensure your contact information, including your email address is correct.
  • If you need a paper copy of your statement, you can print directly from MyChart.
  • You may update your email and text preferences from the Communications section under the Profile tab.
  • The option to cancel paperless billing is available under Billing Summary in MyChart.

We thank you for choosing Altru Health System for your healthcare needs. We are always exploring new ways to make your healthcare simple, accessible and affordable. We appreciate your patience as we transition to paperless billing.


What does it mean when you say transitioning to paperless statements?

For Altru Health System MyChart users who are the guarantor of an account(s), the default will now be set to paperless billing statements. This means billing statements will be sent via MyChart and no longer via mail. If patients prefer paper statements, they can easily login to MyChart and return the default to paper statements. *Guarantor is the person or entity responsible for paying the balance of an account.

What if I want to continue receiving paper statements?

Resuming paper statements is easy. You will need to opt out of e-statements which can be done via MyChart mobile app or MyChart via the web. To opt-out of e-statements visit > Menu > Billing Summary > Cancel Paperless Billing.

What happens if I don’t realize that I have a statement ready in MyChart and I miss the due date?

You will be notified of new bills through email and the MyChart mobile app. At 60 days past due, Altru has procedures in place to actively reach out via phone or mail for accounts with outstanding balances. Several attempts will be made to ensure you have seen the bill.

What if I try paperless statements and don’t like it? Can I return to paper statements?

Yes, you can always opt out of receiving paperless statements via MyChart mobile app or MyChart via the computer. To opt-out of e-statements and return to paper statements visit > Menu > Billing Summary > Cancel Paperless Billing.

I have both hospital and physician bills. Will both be transitioned to paperless statements/billing?

Yes, for those who are the guarantor of a MyChart account, both hospital and physician bills will now be paperless.

I need help opting out of paperless billing. Is there someone I can contact for assistance?

Yes, Altru billing representatives can assist you with opting out. You can send a MyChart message to our customer service team or call Altru’s Business Center at 701.780.1500.

My children and/or parents have accounts, but I am responsible for their bills. Will they receive statements, or will they come to me?

If your child is under 18 and you are responsible for their account, you will receive the statement. Anyone 18 and over will be sent their statements directly unless you are considered the guarantor or are the power of attorney for those accounts.

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