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Occupational Wellness

Altru's occupational wellness professionals can help employers and employees assess and understand the impact of work on health and provide assessment services. Work and overall health and well-being are interrelated, and the occupational wellness team can help guide individual goals to improve all aspects of health that impact work wellbeing and productivity.

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Occupational Wellness Services


Altru will assist your company in providing immunizations to your employees to reduce lost workdays due to preventable illness. Immunizations can be provided at your business site for groups of 10 or more. In addition to the two following immunizations, Altru can offer any vaccine for your employees. Contact us to develop a plan for your needs. Available immunizations include:

  • Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B is a serious disease that can lead to liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer or even death. If your employees have occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials, you are required, by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030- Bloodborne Pathogens, to make Hepatitis B vaccine available, at no cost, to the employee.
  • Flu Vaccine: The flu vaccine can protect the health of your employees against the influenza virus and is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce his or her chance of getting the flu. The best time to receive the flu vaccine is between October and December and must be repeated each year.
  • Other immunizations may be available upon social request and vaccine availability (i.e. COVID-19 and Shingles).

Health Screenings

Knowing your numbers is valuable when it comes to your health. If you establish a baseline, you’ll know when a number is outside the normal range and needs more attention. Various measurements and assessments can be completed during health and wellness fairs to assist your employees in taking the first step to manage overall health and wellness.

  • Body Composition Analysis: Altru offers state-of-the-art body composition analysis with InBody®. This screening identifies the amount of fat in the body, along with the appropriate recommended ranges. Body fat can serve as a protective cushion and a certain amount of fat is considered vital. Too little fat inhibits the body’s natural immune response and normal hormone function, and too much fat can lead to a high risk of disease. Meet with a health and wellness specialist to receive your InBody screening, a detailed report and an explanation of your results.
  • My BioCheck®: Get information about key numbers in your life, including your cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, height and weight. Compiled with the help of an iPad application, your “report card” will provide you with a “grade” in the areas of weight management, cholesterol levels, diabetes risk and blood pressure. Discuss your results with a Health and Wellness Specialist to learn ways to get your numbers in check.
  • Bone Density Reading: Altru offers bone density screenings using the PIXI scan. It uses low-level ultrasound to compare your bone density to the optimal peak bone density of a young adult of the same gender. You will receive a handout that categorizes your score, risk factors and recommendations for appropriate follow-up.
  • Health Risk Assessment: Altru offers a comprehensive computerized health assessment that will provide education and suggestions to strengthen healthy behaviors while helping you work to change your unhealthy habits. The 15-minute risk assessment also includes a 15-minute session with a Health and Wellness Specialist to develop your personal action plan to guide you to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Indirect Calorimetry: This simple, 10-minute breath test can measure your resting metabolic rate. The amount of oxygen you consume is directly related to the number of calories you burn. It is helpful for people who need to modify their diet or exercise to achieve their weight management goals. Following the test, you will receive a printout and explanation of your results.
  • Customized Educational Sessions: Content experts are available for sessions on diet and nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. Courses are available by request.

For more information, please contact Altru Employee Health Solutions at 701.780.1947.