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Prosthetics & Orthotics

Altru's Prosthetics & Orthotics Department creates a variety of prosthetics (artificial limbs), orthotics (braces) and mastectomy forms.

The department is staffed by certified orthotists, prosthetists, and technicians who have special training and expertise in the design, fabrication and fitting of these appliances.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call 701.780.2424 or use MyChart.


Altru's prosthetics program includes client evaluation, custom fabrication, fitting and program management.

Many of our clients who travel prefer to stay in our temporary lodging while their prosthesis is being fabricated. When this is the case, a casting and fitting will typically occur within one day with delivery occurring the next day.

We offer an amputee clinic to provide collaboration between the client, physician, prosthetist, and therapist. Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation is available through our physical therapy department. With therapy and prosthetics in the same building, we are able to make adjustments as you progress so you will not miss any therapy.

High-Fidelity Interface System

Altru is licensed and trained to provide the High Fidelity Interface System. The term High Fidelity refers to the precision with which the interface - the component of the prosthesis that connects to the residual limb - captures and reproduces skeletal motion at the socket. This new technology creates customized, high performance interfaces so prostheses can keep up with active lifestyles. The HiFi Interface System at Altru is for lower limb wearers, specifically above-knee amputees, and gets closer to the bone by employing a patent-pending alternating compression and release design. Lower limb wearers will walk faster, require less energy and enjoy a natural feel.

Benefits of the HiFi System:

More energy efficient. It preserves motion rather than absorbing it, so more of the wearer’s input is converted to prosthetic output.

  • Increased comfort; more effective heat dissipation.
  • High level of stability and better control.
  • Enhanced range of motion and the next level of mobility.
  • More intimate fit for increased functionality.
  • The perceived weight of the prosthesis is significantly less.

Genium Bionic Prosthetic System

Altru offers the Genium Bionic Prosthetic, further expanding the many services available to help amputees best respond to the physical demands of daily life.

The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System utilizes:

  • Computer-control technology for improved functionalilty
  • A complex sensory system to mimic a natural stride more effectively

The result is a prosthetic which recognizes movements and responds quickly, allowing users to ascend stairs more naturally, cross obstacles smoothly, walk backwards, and stand more naturally.


Orthotics involves the design, custom fabrication, fitting, and program management of bracing devices for control/support. From cervical and spinal orthotics, to bracing and customized shoe inserts, Altru's orthotics team can get you the device you need, no matter your age.

Post Mastectomy Services

Post Mastectomy Services, offered within Altru Health System’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Department, offers a wide range of products to allow you to return to your desired lifestyle following your breast cancer surgery. Our goal is to give you comfort and confidence as you return to your everyday activities. Whatever your body type, breast size, type of surgery or activity level, we can assist you in choosing the proper prosthesis.

Our Services

Our certified mastectomy fitters are available for pre- and post-surgery consultations to discuss what non-surgical options exist to restore your balance and symmetry after a mastectomy.

We offer products to ease the transition from:

All of our fittings take place privately and discreetly, helping you in the next step of your healing process. We offer a complete line of breast prostheses, bras and undergarments.

To visit with a mastectomy specialists, call 701.780.2424 or 800.732.4277, extension 2424.

Compression Therapy

Venous and lymphatic insufficiency therapy improves fluid flow to the heart. Physicians realize that successful compression therapy depends on correct compression and patient compliance.

Correct compression is achieved through the use of properly manufactured and fitted medical garments. Most of our patients can now be fit with off-the-shelf garments, eliminating the extra cost of custom measured garments.

Medical garments provide:

  • Improved appearance
  • Freedom of movement
  • Maximal comfort
  • Enhance patient compliance

Please call the prosthetics department for assistance at 701.780.2424.

Cranial Shaping Helmets

Unusual head shape in infants commonly occurs in the first months of life. This may be caused by the position of the baby in the uterus during pregnancy, during the birth process, or even as a result of the baby’s preferred sleeping position. If the baby’s head does not return to a normal shape, treatment should be pursued. Altru’s Prosthetics and Orthotics department has the expertise and instruments available to help children and their families achieve positive shaping change with this irregularity.

Shaping helmets are medically necessary, not experimental or cosmetic. It has been classified by the FDA as a functional orthotic device and is most effective between three to eight months of age.

When a misshaped head is left untreated it may result in:

  • A persistent facial asymmetry
  • Irregular mandibular mechanics
  • Poor jaw function
  • Offset orbital alignment
  • Middle ear infections
  • Migraine headaches
  • Vision problems

A physician prescription for a helmet is required for insurance purposes. However the first visit is at no charge to the patient and includes:

  • Digital pictures
  • Documentation of the deficit
  • Recommendation to the patient’s primary care provider

To schedule an appointment or learn more about cranial shaping helmets, call 701.780.2424.

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Fax: 701.780.2441

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