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FMR Acting Internship

Altru Family Medicine Residency offers a four-week Acting Internship (AI) to allow fourth year medical students to act in the capacity of a first-year intern supervised by attending physicians. 


  • Provide medical students with a comprehensive view of Family Medicine,
  • Improve skills in physical exam, patient interviewing, differential diagnosis, and formulating patient management plans
  • Demonstrate appropriate interactions with patients, families, and other members of the health care team
  • Familiarize students with Altru FMR 


  • Obtain a history and perform a physical exam
  • Present the history and physical in a concise, well-organized format
  • Form and prioritize a differential diagnosis. Select a working diagnosis
  • Discuss orders and prescriptions and construct evidence-based management plans
  • Select screening, diagnostic studies, and lab; and interpret the results of these tests
  • Recognize patients who are critically ill or require emergent care and initiate the appropriate initial steps in that care. Reassess patients on an ongoing basis and adjust plan of care as appropriate,
  • Document the clinical encounter in a timely fashion
  • Communicate effectively with patients and their families regarding diagnoses and plans of care with respect for cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds,
  • Work effectively as a member of the interprofessional healthcare team including giving and accepting patient handoffs at transitions of care
  • Formulate or update an accurate problem list for patients 


  • Accept and give sign-out of all patients on the team
  • Assess assigned patients before morning rounds
  • Write problem-oriented notes daily on all patients
  • Admit patients when assigned
  • Act as information liaison between the medical team and hospital staff, communicating plan of care to patient,
  • Present learning objectives as assigned by the chief resident
  • Attend noon didactic sessions
  • Attend FMR outpatient clinic when assigned


Approximately two acting internship positions will be available. Medical students interested in applying for one of the positions must be able to complete the following: 

  • Must be completed during fourth year in medical school and must be in good standing with medical school
  • Submit application by May 1 of preceding academic year. Application includes:
    • Updated CV
    • Statement of interest regarding Family Medicine and desire to have medical training in North Dakota
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Complete a virtual interview with program director or faculty member
  • Must be able to provide name and contact information of medical school representative to complete affiliation agreement with Altru Health System
  • Secure own housing, meals, and transportation for duration of acting internship
  • Provide immunization records

Please contact Kelsey Huttunen, Program Coordinator, at or at 701.780.6810 for any questions or to submit your application.

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