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Take Ownership of Your Advantages With Altru 

With so many options available, it can be easy to forget the extras available to you as part of your Altru & You with Medica℠ membership. Here’s a quick refresher. 

My Health Rewards by Medica 

Getting the care you need is vital when you’re sick, but shouldn’t your health plan do more to improve your health when you’re not sick, too? 

The My Health Rewards online tool offers a health assessment to help you better understand your current level of health and fitness. From there, you can find interactive programs and activities that help you develop and maintain healthy habits. Did we mention you could earn up to $100 per year in rewards by participating in certain programs and meeting your wellness goals? Go to your member website,, and click on the Health and Wellness tab to get started. 

Discounts on Altru Programs 

Health and wellness coaching and in-person classes through Altru’s Weight Management Program are provided to plan participants at a discounted price of $50 per month. All other products and services through the Sanny & Jerry Ryan Center for Prevention & Genetics are offered at a 10-percent discount to Altru employees. Additionally, a free body composition analysis and biometric screening are available to you every year. 

MyChart, eVisits and Altru’s Nurse Line 

You have access to your doctor, test results, prescription refills and more through MyChart, an online service and app that you can access on your smartphone, tablet or computer. MyChart lets you pay medical bills, manage your appointments and request prescription refills on the fly. If you forgot to ask your doctor a question during your last appointment, you can send him or her a message or schedule an eVisit. Instead of waiting for important test results in the mail, MyChart lets you view them as soon as they’re available, along with comments from your doctor. And, with Altru’s nurse line, you have access to a registered nurse (RN) who can provide medical advice when you need it most. 

If you have questions about your benefits, please visit or call us at 855.400.9652.

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