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Allergy & Immunology

From spring pollen to summer ragweed, allergies can affect your mood, energy, and overall quality of life. The familiar symptoms of recurrent cough and runny nose are caused by inflammation when your body reacts to a harmless irritant (such as pollen or dust) as if it were a dangerous microbe. The inflammation is your body’s attempt to isolate and destroy the irritant.

For most people, allergies are just a minor health issue. But in addition to affecting your energy and mood, allergies can increase your risk of chronic sinusitis, asthma, and other health conditions.

Altru’s Allergy & Immunology specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of immune-related conditions in both children and adults. We’ll work with you to identify the cause, control your symptoms, and reduce inflammatory triggers to improve your quality of life.

To make an appointment, call 701.780.6400.

Conditions We Treat

Respiratory inflammatory conditions, including allergic rhinitis, asthma, and chronic sinusitis. Conditions that involve inflammation in your nose, sinuses, or airway passages are treated by identifying and avoiding triggers and controlling symptoms with medication. For persistent allergy symptoms, we may recommend immunotherapy treatment.

Skin allergies including eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis), contact dermatitis, and chronic hives with angioedema. Most skin reactions are mild and can be treated with topical medications.

Other allergies, including food allergies and allergies to insect stings. These allergies can be severe and may cause anaphylaxis. We will help you to identify severe allergies and avoid triggers.

We also treat less common conditions including anaphylaxis, drug allergies and immune deficiencies.


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