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Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

Pediatric Incontinence Therapy

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Our pediatric team utilizes a unique approach by providing coordinated evaluation and treatment with a physical therapist and occupational therapist, both specifically trained in pediatric incontinence. This approach allows our therapy team to address both the gross motor and sensory components related to pediatric incontinence for child ages 4 and up.

Our physical therapist specializes in providing education and treatment to help children to strengthen the core and surrounding muscles, learn exercises to coordinate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, understand constipation management, recognize and understand pelvic floor function through visuals and Biofeedback and identify the sense of urge.

Do you know a child who struggles with any of the following:

  • Does your child wet the bed?
  • Does your child struggle with constipation?
  • Does your child have daytime leaks or increased need to go?
  • Does your child have toilet training resistance?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, our therapy team can help.

Toe Walking

Our trained pediatric physical therapists specialize in the treatment of toe walking. Toe walking from time to time is harmless, tow walking as their primary method can lead to long term problems. Treatment for toe walking often includes stretching of tight muscles, strengthening for under-utilized muscles, balance activities, sensory processing strategies and orthotics.

Our physical therapists work closely with Altru’s skilled team of Prosthetic and Orthotic Specialists. They specialize in bracing, cranial-shaping helmets and other interventions that help children function at their best.

Seating & Mobility

Our physical therapists work closely with medical supply specialists to provide children with specialty equipment that may be needed within the home and community. We work with the patient and families, taking into consideration your growing child, transportation issues and home accessibility. Equipment recommendations may include walkers, manual or power wheelchairs, medical-grade strollers, custom bikes, special needs car seats and more.

Pool Therapy

Our physical therapists have access to the pool at Choice Health and Fitness, located at 4401 S. 11st Street. Pool therapy can be used for patients with strength, coordination, and balance difficulties. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce body weight and allows children to move in ways they were unable to on land. Together, you and your physical therapist will determine if the pool is appropriate for your child.

Universal Exercise Unit (EUE)-Spider Cage

The UEU is a suspension and pulley system that allows the patient and therapist to work in a gravity-eliminated position to strengthen muscles. By utilizing a harness and belting system the patient can be positioned into an anatomically functional position, allowing for proper motor retraining that often cannot be achieved in conventional positions and therapy. The EUE also aids in assisting our patient’s sensory system by providing deep pressure and vestibular input some patients are often seeking to improve joint attention and direction following for learning. The UEU can be used to strengthen muscle groups and aid in sensory intervention in a variety of populations, including but not exclusive to patients with Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Autism, Sensory Integration difficulties, or any muscular disorder affecting tone and strength.

Special Needs Car Seats

We have therapists that are certified in Special Needs Child Passenger Safety Technicians through Safe Kids Worldwide. The technicians perform standard car seat inspections, and they specialize in transporting children with medical conditions that impact child restraint selection. Our technician will have the opportunity to work with you to investigate and install specialized restraint systems.

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