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Helping Quitters Win

Helping Quitters Win

Altru’s Tobacco Cessation Services offer the keys to helping you stay a quitter and become the winner.

Quitting tobacco at any time in your life is the best thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you. In addition to saving money, you’ll also have more time with your loved ones.

As good as it is to do, quitting is hard. Even more, your surroundings may make it easy to fall back into old routine. Fortunately, Altru’s Tobacco Cessation Services provide one-on-one counseling by giving the most up-to-date information on tobacco.

The Program

Altru’s therapists are experts at helping you quit. With training through Mayo Clinic’s Certified Tobacco Treatment Program, we use motivational interviewing skills to help you devise a plan and get to the root of tobacco addition. Our goal is to provide education and support for any journey to a smoke-free life.

why quitDepending on the patient, each can receive four sessions to meet with the certified tobacco treatment specialists. These sessions can be arranged based on the patient’s schedule – weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly. Best of all, if a patient reverts to using again, we can provide another four-week session in the year. The most successful platform is where one-on-one counseling is combined with a nicotine replacement therapy program (NRT). In addition to our program, we also recommend using your state’s quit line – ND Quits or MN QUITPLAN – for additional support.

The Vaping Alternative

Vaping isn’t a good alternative to using tobacco. “Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of research studies on the lasting effects of vaping on the body,” Brien notes. Available research does show that many of the same harmful cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes are also in e-cigarettes. “I personally don’t encourage e-cigarette use, especially when trying to quit smoking.”

Baby and Me Tobacco-Free

Altru participates in Baby and Me Tobacco Free, offered by the North Dakota Department of Health. This program helps pregnant moms and mothers of newborns quit using tobacco and create a healthier environment for herself and her baby.

Eligible participants include pregnant women who currently smoke or who were a daily smoker at least three months prior to becoming pregnant. The program offers tobacco treatment and counseling including screenings for tobacco use, practical incentives and monitoring for success.

healthy grandmaSimple Goal

Our goal is simple. No matter where anyone is in their quitting process, we want to help you become tobacco-free. We understand the science behind addiction and can help you with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Most insurance policies cover the cost of the sessions. You’ll want to check with your individual plan for benefit details. Cessation medications may also be available at reduced and/or no cost for those who qualify from Altru Health Foundation.

If you are ready to quit, Altru is here to help. Call our certified tobacco treatment specialists at 701.780.5347.