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Cancer Treatment Center

No matter what type of cancer you’re facing, the providers at Altru Cancer Center offer a full spectrum of cancer treatment options. We offer:

Altru providers believe transparency and a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment paves the way for better outcomes. From the moment of your diagnosis, our team will educate you on your options and work with you to understand your individual goals with cancer treatment. Our team of experts will collaborate to put together an individualized treatment plan based on your overall health, type of cancer, stage of cancer and other needs.

While this plan will outline what types of treatment you undergo, it also encompasses the care and services designed to help you navigate the entire process, including the side effects of treatment. A designated patient navigator will serve as your guide to connect you with assistance within Altru and extending to outside services and financial assistance when needed.


We often think of chemotherapy only as a cancer treatment. But chemotherapy is actually the name for any type of medication to treat a disease.

Chemotherapy, when used to treat cancer, is a type of medication that aims to eradicate or shrink cancer in the body. When a person undergoes chemotherapy for cancer, the medication travels throughout the body, killing any cancer cells it encounters. It even destroys cancer cells that have metastasized, or traveled, from the original site.

At Altru Cancer Center, chemotherapy is administered by chemotherapy-trained nurses under the direction of medical oncologists. Often provided on an outpatient basis, chemotherapy is usually administered intravenously. In many cases, chemotherapy is used in conjunction with another type of treatment, working in combination to rid your body of cancer cells.


Immunotherapy medications use the immune system to target and kill or suppress cancer cells. Side effects can vary, depending on the medication. Your oncology care team will explain what to expect and how side effects will be treated. Altru Cancer Center offers many oncologic immunotherapy medications for various cancers.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is another common treatment option for many types of cancer. It involves the use of high-energy particles to eradicate cancer cells in the body.

Careful protocols and procedures are in place to ensure the radiation used for treatment targets cancer cells while leaving surrounding organs and tissues untouched as much as possible.

There are two main types of radiation therapy: internal and external beam. The type you receive will depend on a number of factors, including the type of cancer you have and its severity.

Clinical Trials

Altru Cancer Center has long been a pioneer in clinical trials for cancer. Since 1977, we have partnered with Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the National Cancer Institute to offer our patients access to clinical trials related to researching advancements in cancer treatment.

Clinical trials are used to determine whether a new medical treatment can be used safely and efficiently on humans. These trials uphold high safety standards and can often provide patients with advanced treatment options they would not otherwise have access to.

To enroll in a clinical trial, patients must meet specific criteria, so if you want to explore options, please speak with your team of providers.

Other Types of Cancer Treatment

While chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common types of cancer treatment, they aren’t the only ones. Your treatment and care may include other treatment modalities, such as surgery, to fully eradicate cancer.

At Altru Cancer Center, our medical oncologists provide expert care in the fields of chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biologic therapy.

  • Hormone therapy involves the use of natural substances that inhibit cancer growth, and it is given to patients in a pill form.
  • Biologic therapy stimulates the body’s immune system to fight infection.

These treatments can be used alongside surgery and radiation therapy to combat cancer. Our medical oncology staff reviews and monitors each patient on an individual basis to provide them with a personalized and effective treatment plan.

For more information about cancer treatment options at Altru, please call Altru Cancer Center at 701.780.5400.


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